The World’s First Personalized Packaging Supergroup.

One size does not fit all.
Nor does one design,
one shape or one feeling.

Today’s consumers demand the ability to personalize the products that fill their lives and they’ll pay a premium for the privilege.

What is Mass Customization?

We call our particular brand of Mass Customization Co-Creation.

This is the marketing concept of co-opting the personal inspiration and enthusiasm of your customers and putting it to work for your brand.

The Power of Customization

Customized products garner a stronger connection with their consumers, a much higher uptake in loyalty, brand evangelism and beefy profits are just the beginning. Millennials and Generation Z are growing up in a world of User Generated Content – they expect to be involved in the creation of what they consume. For this reason, we’re now entering the world of User Generated Products. Just as UGC disrupted media industries, UGP will disrupt consumer packaged goods. Let Sonder be your tour guide to this exciting paradigm shift.

Why should you care about customization?


Brands can expect margins that far outpace the added fulfillment effort of customized products.


Buyers happily spread the word via social media about customized products. We call this the “look what I did” effect and it’s incredibly effective.


Consumers expect their brands to be engaged in their lives and equipped to offer products that fit their unique requirements. A stronger bond and brand devotion is the payoff.

Are your customers right for Personalization?

The short answer is yes. There’s room for a personalized experience in every product category. Here’s Why:

SELF-EXPRESSION: Millenials and Generation Z are growing up in a world of User Generated Content – they expect to be involved in the creation of the media that they consume. As an extension, we’re now entering a world of User Generated Products. Just as UGC disrupted media industries, UGP will disrupt consumer packaged goods.

TO PERFECT A GOOD PRODUCT: Mass customization encourages your customers to take the relationship to the next step. As a result, margins fatten, evangelism goes up and loyalty solidifies.


We offer the talent, expertise and experience to build, launch and promote the best Consumer Packaged Good personalizers in the world. We deliver highly custom yet turn-key solutions that provide an instant boost to your bottom line and killer promotion opportunities to your marketing efforts.



We don’t do it all, we do product customization really well. Sonder is a cadre of stalwart digital marketing experts, software engineers and packaging fulfillment professionals gathered to build turn-key customization systems for the biggest brands in the world.


It’s a unique proposition to shepherd a user through the creation of a customized product. There’s a slew of considerations based on the psychology of choice, attention decay, and decision overload. Product Customization is a deep topic that we get to sink our teeth into daily – and we love it!


We’re not saying it’ll be easy, (awesome rarely is) but we’ll guide you through the entire process from discovery to fulfillment. We’ve been here before and your project will benefit from our unmatched experience in this category.


  • Customizer: eCommerce Solutions

    We have the resources to provide your brand with online solutions that allow consumers to design, share, and purchase personalized products. We’ve built seamless manufacturing and review processes that allow the client to control quality, ensure licensed artwork isn’t used improperly, and prevent inappropriate content. We understand the varied levels from simple configuration up to true customization and can deliver the appropriate solution for each product along that spectrum.

  • Printed Packaging

    With technology like the HP Indigo Digital Presses and HP's Mosaic software, We are equipped to help brands launch more dynamic and innovative packaging designs that were not previously possible or cost-effective. With over 10 years of digital printing experience, Sonder is leading the way to the next generation of personalized packaging options. Imagine having the power to personalize or customize each individual carton or label for a product line. With our technology and experience, we can help companies develop personalization programs that connect them with their consumers.

  • Fulfillment

    Get a complete turnkey fulfillment solution. Your brand standards and quality expectations are managed and built into the fulfillment workflow established by you. All components are part of your managed inventory to insure orders are ready when you are. From one order on-demand to thousands of orders as part of a major distribution, our processes are set to meet your unique order fulfillment needs.


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Our Team Members

Here to Help You Design and Execute a Personalized Packaging Program.


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Packaging Strategy


Rob Davis

Digital Strategy


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Fulfillment Solutions


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