When Customization Looks Like An Uphill Battle

Jul 05 2017

When Customization Looks Like An Uphill Battle

When you start looking at customizing or personalizing products or packages for your brand, the excitement can be overwhelming: the results in increased sales and boosts in brand loyalty are enough to make any brand manager wonder why they waited so long to customize. But the biggest obstacles for brands when it comes to customizing and personalizing tend to be operational: how will we afford this? Where are we going to find a place to print what we need? How do we get it to our customers?


Often, the reasons that brands shy away from laser-focused customization options are things like budget, timing, and overall operational capabilities constraints. That’s where an end-to-end solution works best, which is why we adopted it for our customers. But what is an end-to-end solution, and how does it end up working in your favor?


Our end-to-end solution includes three parts: 1) order, 2) print, and 3) ship. We exist to be a partner in customization from start to finish: from the ideation process for your product or packaging campaign all the way to final fulfillment and delivery…making your idea tangible and getting it into the hands of your customers. Sonder was born out of Nosco, world-renowned packaging pros, and we partner with HP, Akavit, and LCP Complete to round out your digital logistical needs, the actual printing portion, as well as the end-fulfillment. Here’s what that looks like:


  • 1) Digital Needs + Online Customizing – Akavit
    • Akavit doesn’t do it all, but we do digital really, really well. We specialize in responsive website design, product customization, and strategic online marketing. We help you brainstorm your product or package campaign and solve your digital issues, with everything from integrating your e-commerce platform for customization, to centering the customizing experience around your user for maximum traffic and results.
  • 2) Printed Packaging – Nosco
    • Nosco’s expertise in digitally printed packaging, paired with the use of HP Mosaic software, allows brands to personalize any label or carton via images, text, and colors, creating virtually unlimited design options more efficiently than conventional printing.
  • 3) Order Fulfillment – LCP Complete
    • The integration of our highly skilled people, together with leading-edge technology, enables LCP to consistently meet and exceed the strict standards of quality and service your brand deserves.


We’ve found that brands can be incredibly successful in customization if they have these end-to-end capabilities, but often, these are pieces that are outsourced and not in-house. Even when they are in-house, these capabilities can be costly and not time-effective, given the needs of every other product managed by a particular brand. Sonder came together in order to provide a cost-effective, timely solution for brands to help create their next big campaign, as well as to take care of printing and fulfillment needs.
We are here to offer an end-to-end solution for everything from product configuration to hyper customized packaging systems, not only connecting your brand with your customers in new ways, but also driving sales, resulting in killer ROI. If your brand is ready to start customizing and see what the next level of sales looks like for you, get in touch with us to talk further or request personalized samples!

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